The Russian economy can smoothly pass through the year 2016, head of the Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova said at a briefing on Tuesday.

“We are quite optimistic about 2016: we are able to pass 2016 safely under those conditions that I mentioned. We should take quite seriously the results of 2015. On the basis of these results we should properly assess what we need to do in 2016. Not just spending,” she said.

Golikova said that in the near future the Economic Development Ministry will present an updated macroeconomic forecast.

“When it (the ministry) updates it, it will be unrealistic again. I’m not offending my colleagues, but we should stop revising the situation over and over again and stop at what we have. It is most likely that we will be in the situation which is more critical that it is in the forecast,” Golikova said.

She also said the authorities should “stop scaring people with forecasts”.

“It is necessary to wait for the outcome of 2015, to evaluate all the risks. Performing a budget cut by 5% again — that will be destructive, why should we fall into the same trap? We should work, at least the first quarter we should pass working with the budget that was approved,” Golikova said.