The Sochi International Investment Forum is a modern platform for constructive dialogue between business and government that is necessary for the successful implementation of major investment projects on Russian territory. As part of the business programme of what is rightly considered to be the country’s main investment event, representatives of the state, business communities and experts address the most pressing issues of economic development in the form of an open discussion.

The XII International Investment Forum Sochi-2013 will take place on 26–29September 2013. For the first time in the event’s history, the Forum will be held at the Bolshoy Ice Dome, which is located at the coastal Olympic cluster in Imeretin Valley.

The XI International Investment Forum Sochi-2012, which was held on 20–23 September 2012, focused on the competitiveness of the economy as a whole and its various sectors in a rapidly changing world. During the Forum, Russian regions and major companies signed 82 agreements to the tune of more than 50 billion roubles (around $1.6 billion).