The madness that we Indians love to import from China is set to find its crescendo once again, most probably for a few Tuesday starting December. The Redmi Note, the latest opportunity Xiaomi, is giving us Indians to queue up virually on our favourite e-commerce site, is expected to start selling in a couple of week’s time. The Indian site of the smartphone startup, that calls itself an e-commerce company, has already listed the phone at an unreasonably low price of Rs 9,999.
Before all you decide that this is next phone you guys want to buy though you would have to subject yourself to the ignominy of having to enter a virtual line, something we Indians would never do in public, we thought you should read up what this phone gives you for Rs 9,999.
The Redmi Note is a phablet, as suggested by the name. But unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note this one does not give you a stylus. But then that would have been too much to ask for at this price point.
The phone is powered by an octa-core MTK 6592 1.7GHz processor from MediaTek. It has a 5.5-inch HD IPS display that will draw power from a 3,100 mAh lithium-polymer battery. The rear camera is all of 13MP, while the 5MP front facing camera should keep the sefie-holics happy. Overall, not a bad deal at Rs 9,999. Not a bad deal at all.
But then that is what Xiaomi is selling, the compelling value for money proposition. There is no other company that will give you an octa-core processor or a 13MP camera for under Rs 10,000. That should be a good reasons to test you faster finger first for a few Tuesdays before the new year.