Index of Customs Act, 1962


Chapter – I   Preliminary
Section 1 Short title, extent and commencement
Section 2 Definitions
Chapter – II  Officers of Customs
Section 3 Classes of officers of customs
Section 4 Appointment of officers of customs
Section 5 Powers of officers of Customs
Section 6 Entrustment of functions of Board and customs officers on certain other officers
Chapter – III   Appointment of Customs Ports, Airports, Warehousing Stations etc.  
Section 7 Appointment of customs ports, airports etc.
Section 8 Power to approve landing places and specify limits of customs area
Section 9 Power to declare places to be warehousing stations
Section 10 Appointment of boarding stations
Chapter – IV   Prohibitions on importation and exportation of goods   
Section 11 Power to prohibit importation or exportation of goods
Chapter – IVA   Detection of illegally imported goods and prevention of the disposal thereof
Section 11A Definitions
Section 11B Power of Central Government to notify goods
Section 11C Persons possessing notified goods to intimate the place of storage, etc.
Section 11D Precautions to be taken by persons acquiring notified goods
Section 11E Persons possessing notified goods to maintain accounts
Section 11F Sale, etc., of notified goods to be evidenced by vouchers
Section 11G Sections 11C, 11E and 11F not to apply to goods in personal use
Chapter – IVB    Prevention or Detection of Illegal Export of Goods
Section 11H Definitions
Section 11-I Power of Central Government to specify goods
Section 11J Persons possessing specified goods to intimate the place of storage, etc.
Section 11K Transport of specified goods to be covered by vouchers
Section 11L Persons possessing specified goods to maintain accounts
Section 11M Steps to be taken by persons selling or transferring any specified goods
Chapter – IVC   Power to exempt from the provisions of Chapters IVA and IVB
Section 11N Power to exempt
Chapter – V  Levy of, and Exemption from, Customs Duties
Section 12 Dutiable goods
Section 13 Duty on pilfered goods
Section 14 Valuation of goods
Section 15 Date for determination of rate of duty and tariff valuation of imported goods
Section 16 Date for determination of rate of duty and tariff valuation of export goods
Section 17 Assessment of duty
Section 18 Provisional assessment of duty
Section 19 Determination of  duty where goods consist of articles liable to different rates of duty
Section 20 Re-importation of goods
Section 21 Goods derelict, wreck, etc.
Section 22 Abatement of duty on damaged or deteriorated goods
Section 23 Remission of duty on lost, destroyed or abandoned goods
Section 24 Power to make rules for denaturing or mutilation of goods
Section 25 Power to grant exemption from duty
Section 26 Refund of export duty in certain cases
Section 26A Refund of import duty in certain cases
Section 27 Claim for refund of duty
Section 27A Interest on delayed refunds
Section 28 Recovery of duties not levied or short levied or erroneously refunded
Section 28A Power not to recover duties not levied or short-levied as a result of general practice
Section 28AA Interest on delayed payment of duty
Section 28B Duties collected from the buyer to be deposited with the Central Government
Section 28BA Provisional attachment to protect revenue in certain cases
Chapter – VA   Indicating amount of duty in the price of goods, etc., for purpose of refund
Section 28C Price of goods to indicate the amount of duty paid thereon
Section 28D Presumption that incidence of duty has been passed on to the buyer
 Chapter VB      Advance Rulings
Section 28E  Definition
Section 28F Authority for advance rulings
Section 28G Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings
Section 28H Application for advance ruling.
Section 28-I Procedure on receipt of application
Section 28J Applicability of advance ruling
Section 28K Advance ruling to be void in certain circumstances
Section 28L Powers of Authority
Section 28M Procedure of Authority
Chapter VI   Provisions relating to conveyances carrying imported or exported goods
Section 29 Arrival of vessels and aircrafts in India
Section 30 Delivery of import manifest or import report
Section 31 Imported goods not to be unloaded from vessel until entry inwards granted
Section 32 Imported goods not to be unloaded unless mentioned in import manifest or import report
Section 33 Unloading and loading of goods at approved places only
Section 34 Goods not to be unloaded or loaded except under supervision of customs officer
Section 35 Restrictions  on goods being water-borne
Section 36 Restrictions on unloading and loading of goods on holidays, etc.
Section 37 Power to board conveyances
Section 38 Power to require production of documents and ask questions
Section 39 Export goods not to be loaded on vessel until entry-outwards granted
Section 40 Export goods not to be loaded unless duly passed by proper officer
Section 41 Delivery of export manifest or export report
Section 42 No conveyance to leave without written order
Section 43 Exemption of certain classes of conveyances from certain provisions of this chapter
Chapter VII  Clearance of imported goods and export goods
Section 44 Chapter not  to apply to baggage and postal articles
Clearance of imported goods
Section 45 Restrictions on custody and removal of imported goods
Section 46 Entry of goods on importation
Section 47 Clearance of goods for home consumption
Section 48 Procedure in case of goods not cleared, warehoused, or transshipped within thirty days after unloading
Section 49 Storage of imported goods in warehouse pending clearance

Section 50

Clearance of export goods

Entry of goods for exportation

Section 51 Clearance of goods for exportation
Chapter VIII   Goods in Transit
Section 52 Chapter not to apply to baggage, postal articles and stores
Section 53 Transit of certain goods without payment of duty
Section 54 Transhipment of certain goods without payment of duty
Section 55 Liability of duty on goods transited under section 53 or transhipped under section 54
Section 56 Transport of certain classes of goods subject to prescribed conditions
Chapter IX   Warehousing
Section 57 Appointing of public warehouses
Section 58 Licensing of private warehouses
Section 59 Warehousing bond
Section 59A Omitted
Section 60 Permission for deposit of goods in a warehouse
Section 61 Period for which goods may remain warehoused
Section 62 Control over warehoused goods
Section 63 Payment of rent and warehouse charges
Section 64 Owner’s right to deal with warehoused goods
Section 65 Manufacture and other operations in relation to goods in a warehouse
Section 66 Power to exempt imported materials used in the manufacture of goods in warehouse
Section 67 Removal of goods from one warehouse to another
Section 68 Clearance of warehoused goods for home consumption
Section 69 Clearance of warehoused goods for exportation
Section 70 Allowance in case of volatile goods
Section 71 Goods not to be taken out of warehouse except as provided by this act
Section 72 Goods improperly removed from warehouse, etc.
Section 73 Cancellation and return of warehousing bond
Chapter X    Drawback
Section 74 Drawback allowable on re-export of duty-paid goods
Section 75 Drawback on imported materials used in the manufacture of goods which are exported
Section 75A Interest on drawback
Section 76 Prohibition and regulation of drawback in certain cases
Chapter X A  Special Provisions  relating to Special Economic  Zone
Section 76A to
Chapter XI   Special provisions regarding baggage, goods imported or exported by post, and stores
Section 77 Declaration by owner of baggage
Section 78 Determination of rate of duty and tariff valuation in respect of baggage
Section 79 Bonafide baggage exempted from duty
Section 80 Temporary detention of baggage
Section 81 Regulations in respect of baggage
Goods imported or exported by post
Section 82 Label or declaration accompanying goods to be treated as entry
Section 83 Rate of duty and tariff valuation in respect of goods imported or exported by post
Section 84 Regulations regarding goods imported or to be exported by post
Section 85 Stores may be allowed to be warehoused without assessment to duty
Section 86 Transit and transhipment of stores
Section 87 Imported stores may be consumed on board a foreign-going vessel or aircraft
Section 88 Application of section 69 and Chapter X to stores
Section 89 Stores to be free of export duty
Section 90 Concessions in respect of imported stores for the Navy
Chapter XII   Provisions relating to coastal goods and vessels carrying coastal goods
Section 91 Chapter not to apply to baggage and stores
Section 92 Entry of coastal goods
Section 93 Coastal goods not to be loaded until bill relating thereto is passed, etc.
Section 94 Clearance of coastal goods at destination
Section 95 Master of a coasting vessel to carry an advice book
Section 96 Loading and unloading of coastal goods at customs port or coastal port only
Section 97 No coasting vessel to leave without written order
Section 98 Application of certain provisions of this Act to coastal goods, etc.
Section 98A Power to relax
Section 99 Power to make rules in respect of coastal goods and coasting vessels
Chapter XIII   Searches, seizure and arrest
Section 100 Power to search suspected persons entering or leaving India, etc.
Section 101 Power to search suspected persons in certain other cases
Section 102 Persons to be searched may require to be taken before gazetted officer of customs or magistrate
Section 103 Power to screen or X-ray bodies of suspected persons for detecting secreted goods
Section 104 Power to arrest
Section 105 Power to search premises
Section 106 Power to stop and search conveyances
Section 106A Power to inspect
Section 107 Power to examine persons
Section 108 Power to summon persons to give evidence and produce documents
Section 109 Power to require production of order permitting clearance of goods imported by land
Section 110 Seizure of goods, documents and things
Section 110A Provisional  release of goods, documents and things seized pending adjudication
Chapter  XIV     Confiscation of goods and conveyances and imposition of penalties
Section 111 Confiscation of improperly imported goods, etc.
Section 112 Penalty for improper importation of goods, etc.
Section 113 Confiscation of goods attempted to be improperly exported, etc.
Section 114 Penalty for attempt to export goods improperly, etc.
Section 114A Penalty for short-levy or non-levy of duty in certain cases
Section 114AA Penalty for use of false and incorrect material
Section 115 Confiscation of conveyances
Section 116 Penalty for not accounting for goods
Section 117 Penalties for contravention, etc., not expressly mentioned
Section 118 Confiscation of packages and their contents
Section 119 Confiscation of goods used for concealing smuggled goods
Section 120 Confiscation of smuggled goods notwithstanding any change in form, etc.
Section 121 Confiscation of sale-proceeds of smuggled goods
Section 122

Section 122A

Adjudication of confiscations and penalties

Adjudication procedure

Section 123 Burden of proof in certain cases
Section 124 Issue of show cause notice before confiscation of goods, etc.
Section 125 Option to pay fine in lieu of confiscation
Section 126 On confiscation, property to vest in Central Government
Section 127 Award of confiscation or penalty by customs officers not to interfere with other punishments
Chapter XIV A   Settlement of cases
Section 127A Definitions
Section 127B Application for settlement of cases
Section 127C Procedure on receipt of application under section 127B
Section 127D Power of Settlement Commission to order provisional attachment to protect revenue
Section 127E Power of Settlement Commission to reopen completed proceedings
Section 127F Power and procedure of Settlement Commission
Section 127G Inspection, etc., of reports
Section 127H Power of Settlement Commission to grant immunity from prosecution and penalty
Section 127-I Power of Settlement Commission to send a case back to the proper officer
Section 127J Order of settlement to be conclusive
Section 127K Recovery of sums due under order of settlement
Section 127L Bar on subsequent application for settlement in certain cases
Section 128M Proceedings before Settlement Commission to be judicial proceedings
Section 127MA Omitted
Section 127N Applications of certain provisions of Central Excise Act
Chapter XV        Appeals and Revision
Section 128 Appeals to Commissioner (Appeals)
Section 128A Procedure in appeal
Section 129 Appellate Tribunal
Section 129A Appeals to the Appellate Tribunal
Section 129B Orders of Appellate Tribunal
Section 129C Procedure of Appellate Tribunal
Section 129D Powers of Committee of Chief  Commissioner of Customs or Commissioner of Customs to pass certain orders
Section 129DA Omitted
Section 129DD Revision by Central Government
Section 129E Deposit, pending appeal, of duty and interest demanded or penalty levied
Section 129EE Interest  on delayed refund of amount deposited under the proviso to section 129E
Section 130 Appeal to High Court
Section 130A Application to High Court
Section 130B Power of High Court or Supreme Court to require statement to be amended
Section 130C Case before High Court to be heard by not less than two judges
Section 130D Decision of High Court or Supreme Court on the case stated
Section 130E Appeal to Supreme Court
Section 130F Hearing before Supreme Court
Section 131 Sums due to be paid notwithstanding reference, etc.
Section 131A Exclusion of time taken for copy
Section 131B Transfer of certain pending proceedings and transitional provisions
Section 131 BA Appeal not to be filed in certain cases
Section 131C Definitions
Chapter XVI     Offences and Prosecutions
Section 132 False declaration, false documents, etc.
Section 133 Obstruction of officer of customs
Section 134 Refusal to be X-rayed
Section 135 Evasion of duty or prohibitions
Section 135A Preparation
Section 135B Power of court to publish name, place of business, etc., of persons convicted under the Act
Section 136 Offences by officers of customs
Section 137 Cognizance of offences
Section 138 Offences to be tried summarily
Section 138A Presumption of culpable mental state
Section 138B Relevancy of statements under certain circumstances
Section 138C Admissibility of micro films, facsimile copies of documents and computer printouts as documents and as evidence
Section 139 Presumption as to documents in certain cases
Section 140 Offences by companies
Section 140A Application of section 562 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, and of the Probation of Offenders Act, 1958
Chapter XVII     Miscellaneous
Section 141 Conveyances and goods in a customs area subject to control of officers of customs
Section 142 Recovery of sums due to Government
Section 142A Liability under Act to be first charge
Section 143 Power to allow import or export on execution of bonds in certain cases
Section 143A Duty deferment
Section 144 Power to take samples
Section 145 Owner, etc., to perform operations incidental to compliance with customs law
Section 146 Custom House agents to be licensed
Section 146A Appearance by authorized representative
Section 147 Liability of principal and agent
Section 148 Liability of agent appointed by the person in charge of a conveyance
Section 149 Amendment of documents
Section 150 Procedure for sale of goods and application of sale proceeds
Section 151 Certain officers required to assist officers of customs
Section 151A Instructions to officers of customs
Section 152 Delegation of powers
Section 153 Service of order, decision, etc.
Section 154 Correction of clerical errors, etc.
Section 154A Rounding off of duty, etc.
Section 154B Publication of information respecting persons in certain cases
Section 155 Protection of action taken under the Act
Section 156 General power to make rules
Section 157 General power to make regulations
Section 158 Provisions with respect to rules and regulations
Section 159 Rules, certain notifications and orders to be laid before Parliament
Section 159A Effect of amendment, etc., of rules, regulations, notifications or orders
Section 160 Repeal and savings
Section 161 Removal of difficulties