Hundreds of businesses have already chosen Euphoria Telecom. The company currently operates in the Western Cape and is establishing service personnel in Gauteng. If your business operates in the Western Cape, you should explore the benefits of Euphoria Telecom’s Cloud PBX.
Phillip Meyer, the managing director of Capsol, had the following to say,
“I must commend you and your team, not only for an excellent product – but beyond expected customer service! At times, we kept asking ourselves ‘what’s the catch’, as everything seemed too good to be true speed of service delivery, ease of processing our application, prep and installation and support. This is not only from me, but my team as well – they cannot stop singing Euphoria Telecom’s praises. My only regret is that I did not switch sooner…
Keep up the excellent work and looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!”
Do you own a small to medium sized enterprise or manage a call centre?We encourage you to read on and explore the advantages and inherent benefits of using Euphoria’s Cloud PBX services. It may very well be the best investment your business makes this year.
Euphoria Telecom offers to cut 50% off the Cloud PBX server setup costs for members on Frontier Market Network who respond via this article.
ReliabilityEuphoria Enterprise Cloud PBX services are designed to meet 99.9% availability. The application software, IP connectivity, and call completion are highly available and reliable.
All Euphoria Telecom services are designed with redundant diversity. Euphoria Telecom infrastructure is based at Teraco Data Environments. Euphoria Telecom is connected to the backbone of two major voice network suppliers in South Africa.
The whole system design ensures continued availability even with the failure of servers and/or databases. The main data center is a class “A” facility with full power redundancy, including onsite generator backup.
ScalabilityAll of our services are designed to be linearly scalable, meaning you can add as many sites or as many phones at a single site as you want. With no capital, resource, bandwidth, or technical constraints within our environment, your growth is boundless whether you have 100, 1,000, or 100,000+ employees in your company.
SecurityEuphoria Telecom’s on-line portal access uses 256bit encryption for client access, the same level as Internet banking.
The system is designed so that users do not require access to sip details to use the system, this increases the security as information cannot be leaked through your employees. You may have access to the sip details if you specifically request for them, however this is not suggested, as it shifts the liability of ensuring the system is secure entirely onto the you the customer.
The system is secure, however if your details are compromised or hacked the system has two defence lines.

1. The Euphoria Cloud system picks up irregular calling patterns similar to that of a hacked account and blocks the calls before they are connected.
2. Each account has a credit limit which is the last line of defence against abuse of an account. Once a credit limit has been reached, new calls cannot be initiated until the credit limit is increased or a payment is processed against the account.

SupportAlong with our 24/7/365 network operations centre, customers are guaranteed efficient and reliable service from Euphoria Telecom. Our support hours are Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00, after hours support is provided for emergencies, however the network is monitored constantly and any arising problems are dealt with immediately.
ServiceEuphoria Telecom is committed to delivering outstanding service and support that is flexible and responsive to customer needs. Technical support is available by telephone, email, and chat at no additional charge for the life of your service. Our online support portal is filled with videos and how to information for making use of the system.
ManagementWith Euphoria Telecom’s cutting edge TMS Portal, it’s quick and easy for users to access reporting, call recordings and transactional history. In addition, your administrator can make changes as needed via an administration portal.
With our sophisticated billing process, Euphoria Telecom can provide authorized administrators online, real-time access to bills and call detail reports (CDRs). You will always know the exact telecom spend and call logs for every user, regardless of where phones are located.
Call centre managers can monitor the call queues, see the status of all agents, dynamically add and remove agents as the needs arise. This can be done from remote locations or onsite, all that is needed is a web browser and an Internet connection.
API-integrationThe Euphoria Telecom API interface opens up boundless potential to improve workflow and efficiency within your organisation.
Euphoria Telecom has two API versions: an XML interface and a C# Sharp DLL, both allow for secure integration of your Cloud PBX with your own in-house systems.
Using the Euphoria Telecom API we have completed a full integration with Sales Force, the leading cloud based CRM that can be used with the Enterprise Cloud PBX.
The API is available with the Enterprise Cloud PBX plan.
ViBEViBE Technology is offered by Euphoria Telecom, it is an impressive patent pending technology that aids voice traffic and reduces voice traffic’s bandwidth consumption. ViBE does a few things well, which include:

* Creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel from your premises to the Cloud PBX environment.
* Strips the voice packets of repetitive data, leaving only the clean voice packets to travel the journey from your phone to the Cloud PBX.
* Reduces bandwidth consumption by as much as 70%
* Allows for in call fail over to an alternate (backup) connection
* Allows for RAIN mode where the calls are sent over two connections simultaneously. This allows a lesser technology such as ADSL and 3G to support each other or a broadband connection that is used for voice and data.
* Allows Euphoria Telecom to consistently monitor the quality and status of the connection.

In our experience ViBE is effective over any copper or wireless connections such as WiMAX, WISP, LTE/4G, Microwave, Diginet, 3G and ADSL.