As a pageant of the investment and financing projects for exhibition, the 10th Investment and Financing Expo of 2013 (Shanghai) will construct a platform for the investment and financing organizations to display the corporate image, expand the brand influence and lift the market share.  the 10th Investment and Financing Expo of 2013 (Shanghai) will be staged at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) from December 27-29, 2013 in Shanghai, China.

The 10th Investment and Financing Expo of 2013 (Shanghai) will further satisfy comprehensively the professional investment and financing demands of the investors, being the bridge and the link for the comprehensive communication and deep cooperation between the investment and financing organizations and the investors. In the last Expo, the leading media competed for report, 30,000 investors crowed with a strong atmosphere of investment negotiation, making the unprecedented wave of investment and financing in China.