May 12, 2014, 12:03 am

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In preparation for the 2014 Asia-Pacific Franchise Confederation & World Franchise Council Meeting (APFC/WFC) in September, delegates from APFC Taiwan attended the WFC meeting in Brazil in April and successfully promoted the September event.

ACFP Taiwan won the bid to host the 2014 APFC/WFC and will welcome delegates from all over the world to Taiwan in September. In preparation for the event, delegates from the ACFPT attended the WFC meeting in Brazil in April, on the heels of the annual APFC meeting in Malaysia last year. The next APFC and WFC meetings will be held together in Taipei.

The APFC/WFC Meeting will be held on Sept. 23-29 at the Taipei International Convention Center in conjunction with the 2014 Taipei International Chain and Franchise Exhibition (TICFE).

With 1,000 booths featuring chains and franchises from around the world, the TICFE is slated to be the largest expo of its kind in Asia and expects to welcome 1,000 international delegates representing over 40 countries, 200 international brands, 10,000 overseas visitors and 160,000 local attendees. The APFC/WFC Meeting and TICFE Exhibition aim to help about 100 chain and franchise brands to expand their business globally.

By hosting the Asia-Pacifi and world franchise meetings, as well as the largest franchise expo in Asia, Taiwan expects to increase the ranks of its franchise operators nationwide and bring in nearly NT$30 billion in tourism and private investments to the island, creating 50 times more benefits and business opportunities for franchise operators around the world.

For almost two decades, the ACFPT has championed the enhancement of chains and franchises domestically and abroad, and now 2014 is quickly becoming the year for chain and franchise operators in Taiwan to take their businesses to the next level. Finally, for the first time Taiwan will have the honor of hosting two of the most prestigious chain and franchise meetings in the world, creating an unprecedented opportunity for Taiwanese concepts to shine on the world stage.