According to the statistics of news release of foreign investment, in January 2014, Newly Approved Foreign-invested Enterprises amounted to 1719, down by 8.71% year on year; and the actual use of foreign investment reached USD 10.763b, up by 16.11% year on year.


In January this year, the top ten nations and regions with investment in China (as per the actual input of foreign capital) are as follows: Hong Kong (USD7.861b), Singapore (USD521m), Taiwan Province(USD504m), U.S.A. (USD369m), Japan (USD321m), R.O.K.(USD261m), Holland (USD102m), U.K. (USD96m), Denmark (USD85m) and Macao (USD63m), total of which accounted for 94.61% of total actual use of foreign investment in the country.