JAMSHEDPUR: The ‘Start up India’ plan launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently can translate the country from a nation of job seeker to a nation of job creator, Tata Steel Managing Director (India and South East Asia), T V Narendran said today.

Unfurling the tri-color on the occasion of 67th Republic Day at Tata Steel works here today, he said given the fact that India has rich tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, the ‘Start Up India’ plan can translate India as a nation of job seeker to a nation of job creator.

Today, he said, technology empowers people and technology allows opportunity for youths to realize their ambition and translate dreams into reality.

Referring to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, Narendran said he had recently at World Economic Forum talked about the fact that the best way to reduce inequality was to become job creator than seeker.

“The other aspect, which I think gives us a lot of hope is the fact that India is the youngest nation of the world and continue to be so at least till 2050,” he said.

Also, the way India conducted itself in the recent climate change negotiations in Paris in December last, Narendran said it was a great demonstration as to how we have not let our self-interest and narrow self-interest to cloud over judgment that was good for the world.