Standard Bank offers a number of time-saving and convenient banking solutions for franchises. Our key focus is on delivering transactional efficiency and innovation, progressive online solutions and effective process management.
Our commitment to consistent high levels of customer service ensures that all your banking needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Value offering to franchisees

Standard Bank offers the following value to franchisees:

– Funding solutions for long-term loans, vehicle and asset finance and working capital requirements
– Transactional banking solutions for day-to-day banking requirements that create efficiencies within the business

Unlike ordinary contenders, we partner with our customers on their journey, as a preferred supplier, to help them grow and manage sustainable businesses.

Transactional banking solutions

Standard Bank is at the forefront of product innovation in the transactional banking arena. Our solutions are secure, reliable, stable and innovative, and include the following:

– Payment solutions
– Receivable solutions
– Cash management
– Account management
– Liquidity management
– Risk management

Our transactional banking products and services are integrated, user-friendly and enhance reconciliation of data. Reporting channels can be set, along with limits to ensure security measures are in place and audit trails are readily available. Our proposed offering would add significant value to your business, your staff and customers and we look forward to partnering with you.

Franchisees in Limpopo province are invited to connect with us and discuss their unique requirements.

Current Account

Our business current account is convenient and simple to manage. It consists of the following:

– Traditional cheque account functionality
– Electronic banking options
– Internet banking
– Business Online electronic banking, which offers:
– Domestic Banking, International Banking, FX Trading and other transaction capabilities
– Telephone banking

Support is provided by your Relationship Manager, who is in turn supported by a team of banking specialists also at your disposal. Your business, employees and customers can also use our extensive branch and service network, including after-hours support from several Customer Contact Centers.

Electronic banking services: Business online

Standard Bank’s technology is world class and we are the acknowledged leader in electronic business banking in South Africa. More than 40% of all corporate organizations in South Africa use our electronic business banking platform, Business Online. This is a user-friendly system that provides a comprehensive range of banking services and financial information.

Business Online offers several solutions spanning Domestic Banking, International Banking and FX Trading. Business Online will provide the business with a broad range of business banking services and financial information, which can be viewed online, printed, downloaded and integrated into your internal financial systems.

Customer service

Standard Bank’s commitment to consistent high levels of customer service ensures that all your banking needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Contact our competent and knowledgeable relationship management team with your questions and for further information.

We are always available to assist you.

Shesha Tuks was launched in November 2012. The nature of the relationship between Shesha Tuks and the drivers is the same as that of a franchisor and franchisee.