Special economic zones (SEZs) are areas eligible for special business regulations and were created in 2005 with the aim of attracting investment into the regions of Russia.

Russian legislation outlines four types of special economic zones:

  • Industrial and development zones
  • Technological implementation zones
  • Tourist and recreational zones
  • Port zones.

SEZs offer a simplified procedure of land assignment, as well as special free customs regime and a number of tax preferences for SEZ residents.

Russia has two industrial and development zones, four technological implementation zones and seven tourist and recreational zones. Following competitive tender results, bids have been approved for the creation of three port SEZs.

The locations of SEZs in Russia are as follows:

Technological implementation zones

  • Zelenograd, Moscow
  • Dubna, Moscow Region
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tomsk

Industrial and development zones

  • Elabug (Tatarstan)
  • Lipetsk

Tourist and recreational zones

  • Stavropol Territory
  • Zelenograd District, Kaliningrad Region
  • Irkutsk Region
  • Krasnodar Territory
  • Altai Region, Altai Territory
  • Baikal Region, Republic of Buryatia

Port zones

  • Krasnoyarsk (Emelyanovo Airport)
  • Ulyanovsk (Ulyanovsk-East Airport)
  • Seaport in Khabarovsk Region


For additional information visit:
Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones