South African arms manufacturer Denel, which faced a CBI probe for alleged kickbacks, is seeking to stage a comeback in the Indian defence market.

Denel is taking part in India’s leading military systems’ exhibition for the first time after the probe in 2005 for alleged kickbacks for the supply of bunker buster anti-material rifles. The CBI filed a closure report in 2013 as the charges could not be proved. Denel was blacklisted by the defence ministry and the ban was lifted two years ago.

“We are back in business and are looking at tapping the potential of the Make in India plan. India is a huge market and there’s lots of space to fill,” said Vuyelwa Qinga who heads communications for the Denel group.

The products displayed by the firm include the NTW 20 anti-material rifles, GI-30 externally powered canon, Hungwe II unmanned aerial vehicle, GA-1 20 mm canon and PAW 20 assault weapon.