• Organizer

The Shanghai Summer Online School (BRICS Program) 2022 is sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Center for BRICS Studies, Fudan University.

  • Introduction

Since its beginning in 2014, the BRICS Summer Program has been held annually for 8 years. The Program aims to build a platform of friendship and consensus for young students from BRICS countries, provides the young generation of BRICS countries with a chance to have a better understanding of China’s social-cultural, political and economic development, BRICS cooperation and changes in global governance, promoting mutual communication and consolidating the popular foundation for BRICS cooperation.

  • Curriculum

According to the current global epidemic situation, to ensure that students could participate in activities in a safe and healthy environment, the 2022 BRICS Summer Program will be held online, meanwhile team research will be conducted. Team research will be grouped according to the topics, excellent research group will be rewarded.

  • Theme introduction

The theme of the BRICS Summer Program is “A New Stage of Globalization: BRICS Countries’ Development Impetus”

What are the characteristics of the source, performance and evolution of development impetus in the country as a special kind of system integration? Do and how do the development impetus of different countries present figurative differences and abstract commonalities? The BRICS countries and emerging economies have carried out exceptionally rich practical attempts on these issues, and have also accumulated much-needed lessons to be summed up. This theme focuses on the keyword “National Development Impetus”, and divides the hot topics of global governance and the development impetus of the BRICS countries and emerging economies from a multi-disciplinary, multi-field and multi-level perspective.

  • Time and method

Duration: July 18 to August 7, 2022

Method: ZOOM (Room link will be notified)


  • Candidates and Tuition

Candidates: 40-50 candidates, including undergraduates, graduates and research fellows.

Tuition and other fees:

Fee Categories Price
Tuition 2000 RMB
Registration fee 400B

*The Program is supported by full scholarship and no fee will be charged this year.

  • Application Materials
  • A completed application Form (Application Form for 2022 Shanghai Summer Online School)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts of academic records
  • Statement of purpose(You can write a 300-500 words opinion statement on the theme “ A New Stage of Globalization: BRICS Countries’ Development Impetus “)
  • Letter of recommendation (Non-essential application materials, bonus points)


  • Application Entry

All the application materials should be directly sent to our e-mail address (bricssummer@126.com) before July 2, 2022. The admission name list will be published on July 6, 2022 through www.brics-info.org and https://fddi.fudan.edu.cn/fddien/,the admission notice will be also sent to the e-mail of the admitted students.

  • Certificate

The Center for BRICS Studies of Fudan University will award all participants with certificates. Outstanding students will be awarded additional certificates by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

  • Contacts

Program CoordinatorsMs. Zhao, Ms. Wu and Ms. Wang

Tel: +86-21-65642806 /65642819

Email: bricssummer@126.com

Address: Room 909, West Main Building, Guanghua Towers, Fudan University, No.220, Handan Road, Shanghai, China, 200433


BRICS Information Sharing and Exchanging Platform: www.brics-info.org

Fudan Development Institute website: https://fddi.fudan.edu.cn/fddien/