The industrial interests of all countries are so intertwined today that it already makes sense to speak about Global Industry as a single entity with common challenges, problems and risks. INNOPROM 2013 experts will give presentations on the main trends in the global industry and suggest various strategies of development, considering the existing factors and risks.

Practically all modern products, from mobile phones to space shuttles, from lighters to SuperJet airplanes, are truly global products that were produced by the mutual efforts of many countries all over the world. The most fashionable item today, iPhone, was invented in the USA, but most of its parts are produced in Japan and assembled into the end product in two factories based in China.

Faced with forecasts of a global economic crisis and a slowdown of industrial growth, the Russian and international business communities will have an opportunity to discuss the forecasts of the global industry’s development. INNOROM 2013 is a venue for the state and the business sector to develop strategies for optimizing industrial production in the new conditions and taking measures to ensure that the process of implementing new industrial technologies does not slow down and will actually help in overcoming various problems.