Russia’s import from non-CIS countries (the countries, which are not members of the Commonwealth of Independent States) decreased by 4.9% in the first four months of the year, as compared to the same period of 2013, and stood at $82.08 billion, the Federal Customs Service said in its report made public on Monday, May 12.

In April 2014, the country’s imports from non-CIS states in value terms grew two percent on march and reached $23.011 billion, the document underlined.


Herewith, the import of chemicals went up by 9.6% to $3.951 billion, machine-building products — by 3.9% to $11.971 billion, the report run, adding that the import of textiles and footwear drops 19.4% to $1.044 billion, import of foods and uncut products decreased by 3.4% to $3.089 billion.

In April, Russia’s year-on year import from the designated groups of countries went down by six percent.

Herein, the Customs Service pointed to the decline in the textile and footwear import by nine percent, food import – by 7%, machine building products — by 5.9%, and chemicals by 5.1%