Russia’s Federal Customs Service transferred administrative revenues worth 2,862.60 billion roubles (USD 1 = RUB 35.0115) to the federal budget in January-May 2014, as compared to 2,559 billion roubles a year ago (11.9%-growth), the service said on Tuesday.

In May, the the Federal Customs Service collection for the federal budget grew 7.4% to 568 billion roubles, as compared to 528.9 billion roubles in May 2013.

In January-March 2014, the customs bodies transferred to the budget 1,648.29 billion roubles, versus 1,431.48 billion roubles in the first three months of 2013 (15.15%-growth).

In 2014, the customs bodies of the Russian Federation are planned to transfer 6.506 trillion roubles into the country’s budget, which 0.7% exceeds the target established for the Customs Service in 2013, when the indicator was planned to reach 6.46 trillion roubles. In addition, the Customs Service managed to collect 6.57 trillion roubles in 2013, which 1.6% exceeded the target.