Ecology is to become the most sought-after, most funded field of Russian science over the next few years, Russian Presidential Aide and former education minister Andrei Fursenko said.

“I think ecology will be a very interesting area (of research) for Russia. I believe that over the next five to ten years the problem of the environment, the problem of its conservation, this area will be sought-after not only because it is very important, but also because it will be highly paid and well funded,” Fursenko said.

Already Russian scientists are in big demand at major Russian industrial companies, Fursenko said. Currently, there is a huge demand for highly-skilled people specializing in scientific fields, he said.

“Demand (for personnel) is growing in the pharmaceutical industry,” Fursenko said. The nuclear power sector has been growing actively and needs specialists as well, he said.

Russian science is seeing a revival, Fursenko said.

“Today I would not say that Russian science is a courtyard to pass through: there are many people who study science and want a job and realize the opportunities are being created for that,” the presidential aide said.