Russia has offered China to share its experience in building nuclear plants in inland territories [today, all Chinese nuclear plants are located in coastal areas], CEO of Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom Sergei Kiriyenko said on Monday.

“We know that China’s government has plans to begin the construction of nuclear plants in inland territories which badly need electricity,” he said. “Russia has unique experience – we are one of the few countries which have vast experience of building and operating nuclear plants in such territories. We are ready to share this experience with our Chinese partners.”

Apart from that, Russia continued dialogue with partners in China on cooperation in building fast fission reactors, Kiriyenko said, adding that one such pilot reactor built with use of Russian technologies had been commissioned in 2013.

Russia and China also agreed to develop cooperation in the construction of low and medium-capacity floating nuclear plants. A memorandum to this effect was signed during the latest meeting between the heads of the two states in Shanghai.

Kiriyenko added that the construction of the third and fourth units at China’s Tianwan nuclear plant proceeded ahead of schedule.