Russian investments in France are steadily growing, Executive Director of the Moscow office of Invest in France Agency Jerome Clausen has told Interfax.
Russian investments in France have not only declined but increased, he said adding that he meant the first half of this year, too.
He stressed that France is looking forward to the implementation of several joint projects with Russian companies.
At the present moment 20 new joint projects are being considered, and nine of them are expected to assume concrete form before the end of the year, he said.
Meanwhile, a European diplomatic source has told Inrerfax that after the introduction of sanctions investments in Russia from EU countries dropped by half.
“As a result of the poor economic situation and the introduction of sanctions investments in the Russian economy from European Union countries have contracted by 50 percent on the average,” the source said.
In March through September 2014 the EU consistently introduced several rounds of sanctions against Russia that impacted the Russian economy and financial sector.