Russia has reduced its investment in US government securities by $400 million to $117.7 billion, according to September data from the US Department of the Treasury published on Tuesday.
Russia still keeps its 12th place in the list of the major foreign holders of American securities. China ($1.26 trillion) is the largest holder of US securities, followed by Japan, which has slashed its holdings of US Treasuries to $1.23 trillion.

Among the top foreign holders of US securities are Belgium, a group of offshore states of the Caribbean, OPEC countries, Brazil, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Luxembourg comes in the 11th place ahead of Russia.

In general, foreign buyers in September significantly reduced their investment in US securities, with the overall figure estimated at $6.06 trillion. In August, the figure stood at $6.07 trillion.

Apart from countries, US securities are owned by foreign entities and individuals, as well as domestic companies, funds and private investors. US Treasury securities are issued to allow the government to finance the federal budget deficit.