NEW DELHI: Property tax worth Rs 120 crore is due from over 1,000 commercial and residential properties in north Delhi, the North Corporation has said while warning of measures to name and shame defaulters.

Chairman of the high-powered property tax committee of theNorth Delhi Municipal Corporation Rajesh Bhatia yesterday said that property tax of Rs 120 crore is due from about 1,094 commercial and residential properties for the last many years.

The chairman has warned the defaulters to pay their taxes on time else a strict action would be taken against them under the provisions of the DMC Act.

The action to be taken might also include publishing the names of the defaulters in newspaper, placing boards with their names in localities, beating of drums outside their homes, attachment of their accounts and auction of their properties, he said.

The Corporation from time to time, he said, has brought amnesty schemes with waiving of penalty and interest for facilitation of tax payers.

The last one was brought in November 2013 and many property tax payers availed the benefits of the scheme.

“But those property tax payers who did not pay their property tax even under the amnesty scheme will not be dealt with lightly now,” he said.