The total rabi sown area, as per reports received from States, during the week ending 10.1.2014 stands at 619.04 lakh hectare as compared to 587.01 lakh hectare at this time last year.


Details of the areas sown so far this year and last year are given below: –

Crop Area sown in 2013-14 Area sown in 2012-13
Rabi Rice 7.25 5.57
Wheat 311.86 291.27
Total Pulses 155.16 147.35
Coarse Cereals 58.55 60.08
Oilseeds 86.22 82.74
Total 619.04 587.01

lakh hectare










In the case of wheat, more area has been reported from Madhya Pradesh (14.22 lakh ha), Rajasthan (4.88 L. ha) and Uttar Pradesh (4.73 L.ha).


Higher sowing of pulses has been reported in Maharashtra (6.13 L.ha), Rajasthan (3.78 L.ha) and Madhya Pradesh (3.73 L.ha).


Higher area under oilseeds is reported mainly from Rajasthan (3.04 L.ha).


There is sharp decline in area under coarse cereals in Maharashtra (3.57 L.ha).