Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it is crucial to preserve the Arctic region as a territory of dialogue and constructive cooperation.

Speaking at a plenary meeting of the Arctic forum, Putin said:

“It is essential to preserve the Arctic as a territory of constructive dialogue, creation and cooperation on an equal basis.”

The Russian president has said Russia proceeds from the assumption there is no potential for conflicts in the Arctic:

“Russia sees no potential for conflicts in the Arctic Region.”

He recalled that international norms clearly identified the rights of coastal and other states and “serve as a firm basis for joint solutions of any problems.”

Among the most sensitive issues countries were capable of resolving together Putin mentioned the delimitation of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean and prevention of uncontrolled use of resources.

“This is what we expect – this is a forum to search for the Arctic partnership,” the Russian president said, noting that the assessments of experts at the forum are important for the Arctic Council.

Russia, which occupies about one third of the Arctic zone, recognizes its responsibility and sets the goal of creating special conditions for developing the region, Putin stressed.

“This is the creation of modern infrastructure, development of resources and industrial facilities, improving the level of life of indigenous people, preserving their authentic culture and traditions,” the Russian leader said. “At the same time, these tasks may not be considered separately from the issues of preserving biodiversity and fragile Arctic ecosystems.”

The protection of nature 

Putin noted that protection of polar nature is among the key priorities of the international cooperation. The cooperation between scientists and exchanging programs are especially important, taking into consideration the size of the territory.

“Russia is open to constructive cooperation and creates every condition for its effective development,” the Russian leader has noted:

“Our plans for development in that region are absolutely justified. There is hardly anything that can change our priorities there.”