Fees for all the consumers of natural gas should be unified on the domestic market, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday at a specialized meeting in the southern city of Astrakhan.

“We must work towards a unified gas transportation fee for all the customers of the united system of gas supplies and distribution including the subsidiaries of the owner company, Gazprom,” Putin said.

“If we proceed from the assumption we should have a market environment, the main producers shouldn’t misuse is monopoly position on the market of gas transportation or its position of a simultaneous owner of the gas transportation networks,” he said.

He added that government must consider issue of re-capitalization of Gazprom by value of building infresructures for gas supplies to Asia-Pacific region.

The execution of Russian companies’ contracts in the fuel and energy sphere must be ensured in the long term, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. He added that Russia was determined to go ahead with cooperation in that sphere with partners around the world.