Indian employers are able to engage only 40 per cent of their employees to their full potential, revealed a survey conducted by BI Worldwide, a global technology-enabled services company.

The study also showed that 64 per cent Indians admit to investing less than 90 per cent of their effort at work, highlighting the magnitude of unmet potential in the Indian workforce.

The survey spanned seven countries — India, Brazil, Canada, China, the US, the UK and the Latin American region outside of Brazil. A little over 7,200 responses were gathered — around 1,000 from each country.

According to the survey, there is a “need for employers to initiate innovative HR policies which will further motivate their employees to deliver their best.”

“Research findings support a call-to-action for organisational leaders to humanise the workplace and treat employees like the thinking, feeling people they are. There is a need to take care of the employee needs, help them be happy at work, and they will repay the organisation with loyalty and hard work,” said Brenda Kowske, Talent Analytics Director, BI Worldwide.

Different categories
The survey identified and categorised the workforce across India into: companies with a minimum of 500 employees; who are 18 years of age and above; and working a minimum of 30 hours.

They were further categorised into three groups based on age: Gen Y (18-31), Gen X (32-53), and Baby Boomers (54-70).

According to the survey, the boomers in India (54-70 age group) reported highest levels of performance, with 58 per cent of them saying they perform their work with intensity.

“Just one-third of both Gen X and Gen Y employees report commitment intensity — a warning to employers to focus on retention of their younger employees,” said Kowske. Also, the survey highlights that Gen Y has the highest number of respondents who plan to leave the organisation in the next 12 months, while those in the 54-70 age group plan to stay on for seven years on an average.