Oil Gas Chemistry Mining Siberian GEO Forum is a premier oil, gas and industrial mining trade shows in Siberia. The show is organized with the official support of the Government of Krasnoyarsk, and draws in a large number of leading professionals from the industry. The show is attended on a regular basis by eminent scientists as well, and the event offers ample scope for participating companies to devise effective business development strategies too. The latest information from the mining sector are deliberated upon at the show, and the Geo Forum is one of the major highlights of the show.
Oil Gas Chemistry Mining Siberian GEO Forum is comprehensive in its coverage of advanced and sophisticated mining and oil and gas drilling tools, which are exhibited at the show. Gas tanks, oil field operational and exploitation techniques, mechanical rubbers and petrochemical products are put on exhibit at the show, along with ventilation systems, safety tools, and a wide array of other related products. A total of 45000 square meters is taken up by this trade show.