NEW DELHI: Call it the Narendra Modi effect, the perking up of general sentiment, or simply the optimism of a new year. Professionals engaged in facilitating overseas investment into India say there is a palpable rise in interest in the country, with companies wanting to set up operations, expand business or make acquisitions.

The impatient ones are getting ground work done that will allow them to move quickly when a new government is in place after the general election while others just want to gather and process all the information so that they are ready when there is greater clarity.

“There is definitely a big pickup in interest in recent months,” said the senior partner of a law firm that mainly works on foreign direct investment, or FDI, deals.

Would it be possible to put a number to this nascent interest in the Indian economy? “On a scale of one to 10, it is 3.5 to four now from zero a few months ago,” he said.