The Brazilian Minister of Commerce, Armando Monteiro, said that Brazilian Trade Balance may reach USD 15 billion surplus this year. This is an impressive number, especially if compared to last year’s results, when Brazilian Trade Balance registered a USD 3,93 billion deficit.

According to him, this means less dependency on international finance and that Brazil will not need to lose international reserves.

Armando also said that, if it was not for the reduction in the commodities prices, Brazilian Trade Balance could achieve USD 35 billion.

The minister was attending a conference in Rio, organized by the Brazilian Iron Institute. He talked to entrepreneurs and affirmed that promoting Brazilian exports is a short-term priority.

“Unfortunately, Foreign Trade was never a true priority. Brazil is a close economy, not well integrated in the international net of trade agreements so, for this reason, there is still a huge potential, we just need to redefine our trade police and count on Brazilian entrepreneurs abilities to export more.”

He also said that Brazil will meet European delegates to discuss the possibilities of resuming talks on the Mercosur-European Union agreement.

“The launching of the TPP makes the Mercosur-European Union agreement a priority.”