In an interview with the Vesti on Saturday television programme Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said some taxes may be lowered, though did not name which.

“Yes,” he said in reply to a question whether any taxes may be lowered. “My position is due to the moratorium declared in the state of the nation address /regarding changes to the present tax legislation/ we shall have a legal ban for changing for the worse; which means it would not be possible to raise taxes, it would be possible only to lower them.”
“In fact, this is the base of the economic model we are suggesting now,” the prime minister said. “We fix taxes, but if regions or the federal government say a tax should be lowered, a decision may be taken; this is only normal.”

“Presently, it is no tax seems to be likely to be lowered, but nothing is impossible, and if the situation is improving – why not?”.