Unique bridging finance solutions for businesses that need to access funds now that would ordinarily only be available at some point in the near future

Every deal is unique and Merchant Factors have over 15 years-experience in tailoring financial solutions for businesses at the times when they are most needed.

Bridging Finance is used to maintain liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected cash inflow. Commonly bridging finance is provided for short periods of time (not exceeding a period nine months). Merchant Factors bridging finance solutions assist you in accessing funds at the time when you need them rather than when they’d be due contractually.

So what’s required to apply for Bridging Finance?

Prospective clients need to submit the following

– Most recent Audited Financial Accounts
– Most recent Management Accounts
– Current debtors age analysis
– Current creditors age analysis
– The reason for the bridging transaction and to whom the funds will be paid
– The source of the funds for repayment of the loan
– Details of the asset (usually property) being offered as collateral for the loan

This would ordinarily be provided by the owner of the asset along with a copy of the bond statement where applicable and a most recent asset valuation document. The financial service provider ordinarily verifies the value of any asset offered as colloteral prior to concluding the transaction.

If you are able to provide the above information you could qualify for our unique bridging finance solutions, please click on the blue “respond to opportunity” button and a Merchant Factors representative will make contact with you.