Productivity SA is mandated to enhance productivity in order to contribute to South Africa’s socio-economic development. To this end it runs a number of programmes aimed at assisting specific businesses, government departments or organisations requiring support to improve their competitiveness and efficiency.
One such intervention is Turnaround Solutions, which is funded by the South African Department of Labour and managed by Productivity SA. The ultimate aim of this programme is to turn around the fortunes of the participating companies – with the added benefits of improved productivity; better marketing, management and HR operations; appropriate financial strategies; more effective communication between employees and management and better job security.

Intended outcomes

The specific aims of the programme are to:

– Avoid and prevent job losses
– Manage the retrenchment process, where job losses are unavoidable (Productivity SA works in conjunction with the Department of Labour in implementing this phase)
– Integrate retrenched persons into the mainstream economy, where possible (Productivity SA work in conjunction with the Department of Labour in implementing this phase)

Companies that qualify for participation

This intervention is suitable for companies that:

– Are registered in South Africa
– Have approximately 50 employees
– Have experienced a financial decline/decline in performance

What does the programme entail?

There are a number of components to the intervention and the various phases of the programme are:

– Nurturing
– Future Forum
– Capacity building
– Productivity champions training
– In-depth diagnosis
– Turnaround implementation
– Project monitoring and development of an early warning system

Those companies that match the suitability criteria and require some form of business turnaround are invited to make contact with a representative of Productivity SA.