Iran’s Ghadi Group holding company is ready to supply two million tons of oranges, tomatoes and cucumbers to Russia, the company’s president Hamidreza Ghadi said in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

“We are not going to compete with Russia’s domestic producers. What we want is to provide produce which is in short supply in Russia, such as oranges, kiwis and other tropical fruits,” said Mr. Ghadi, who has been doing business in Russian since 2012 and is optimistic about the prospects of bilateral cooperation in agriculture.

“Russian farming produce enjoys well-deserved popularity in Iran. There is a great deal of interest among our importers of Russian wheat, malt and soy beans, Mr. Ghadi said.

He praised the very high quality of Russian farming produce, adding that if Iran decided to compete with Russia in other markets, above all in Europe, it would have to work real hard to bring the quality of its produce in line with international standards.

Iran needs a technological upgrade of its farming farming sector. To cooperate properly countries need high-quality agricultural logistics and a good knowledge of each other’s potential, he added.

“I think that we have good chances of doing good business working together with our Russian partners,” Hamidreza Ghadi said in conclusion.