South Africa-based company requires R350 000 to develop an innovative waste-sorting device.

The Refusorta is a stainless steel built-in hub that facilitates the separation of domestic waste at source.

The mechanism allows for the separate collection and subsequent recycling of metals, glass, plastics, papers and cardboard, and bio-degradable waste such as vegetable waste.
Refusorta is a simple concept which facilitates hygienic management and collection of waste so that the value in the waste may be realised later through recycling.

A current investment of R350 000 is sought to develop the product.

Need for the product

South Africans generally produce a lot of waste and discard it, relying upon municipalities to remove it and take it to land-fill sites where it may or may not be sorted for recycling.

Land-fill sites are few and far between and are generally being filled to capacity at an alarming rate.

New land-fill sites are hard to find and require intensive environmental processing before they can be released for use, a process that sometimes takes many years.

Creating value from waste

There is value in waste, particularly in certain recyclable materials. Organic materials, in particular, can be composted and used as a general environment-friendly organic compost and to grow vegetables for personal consumption.

Plastics are recycled into many different forms of useful materials. Metals are relatively easily recycled into many different products. Glass is very easily recycled, although there is no real shortage of raw materials for the making of glass.

What is needed, is a simple and cost-effective unit that requires little or no skill in operating and is easily installed in the space where waste is generated.


Ideally, Refusorta is the type of unit that local authorities should make a compulsory fitment to residential units, by their developers/builders/owners.

Local authorities will be canvassed accordingly, however, should they not respond favourably, the discerning home-owner who is environmentally conscious and/or the homeowner that realises the value in recycling his/her own waste, will be Refusorta’s target market.

The use and application of Refusorta is not restricted to the residential market. Neither does Refusorta have to come with as many as five waste-type selections.

Current project

Refusorta is at this stage, still a concept. Certain concept designs been completed and its conceiver now wants to sit down and discuss its manufacture with an engineering/manufacturing company, so that a prototype can be made and tested.

Once the refined prototype design is complete, the final Refusorta will be presented for acceptance by local authorities, built-environment professionals and the general consumer.

Investors interested in being part of creating a product that has the potential to bolster sustainability in South Africa and globally are encouraged to respond to this opportunity for more detailed financial information and product development.