Blue-Green Aquaculture requires R7.5-million investment in order to establish an aquaculture project in Gauteng, South Africa.

Blue-Green Aquaculture has identified land within the Hammanskraal region in Gauteng, South Africa, and is in the process of obtaining the relevant legislative requirements to establish an aquaculture project.

The intention is to farm Tilapia (with the subsequent introduction of other species) not only to meet the local and regional demand for fish products but also to create employment opportunities for those residing in the City of Tshwane. The three co-founders of Blue-Green Aquaculture are utilising their combined 20 plus years in fish farming and operations management to achieve this goal.

The first co-founder Mr P Hlahane is a PhD candidate in the field of molecular biology at the University of Cape Town, coupled with practical business experience. Ms M Thosago, has postgraduate qualifications in fish farming and over 10 years in the South African fishery policy formulation. Ms Thosago brings a wealth of knowledge with regards to the best management practices for the South African aquaculture sector. The third co-founder is Mr K Moela, an experienced Human Resources practitioner in the field of South African aquaculture policy development.

They are keen to enter into discussions with venture capitalists, private equity companies, corporate and individual investors potentially interested in supporting this aquaculture initiative.