“Green Electric Wine Shuttles” is planning on operating light South African produced electric transport to Franschhoek. They require a financial partner to set up the company and introduce the Electric Vehicle transport concept.

Funding is required in order to acquire a fleet of 10 of the light vehicles, rent office space, from which to operate the logistics management, and a suitable location to park the vehicles overnight as well as carry out day to servicing. The recruitment and training of drivers in advance of the launch is also required.

R3-million is being sought to acquire the vehicles and a location to park and service the vehicles.

The Electric Vehicles will first operate within a 5km radius of Franschhoek providing both hotel and vineyard shuttle services. It is also anticipated that, apart from generating income from the shuttles and tours service, there is opportunity to generate revenue from advertising.

Thereafter it is expected that the business will expand nationally in the form of franchising.

These vehicles are both efficient for small town shuttles and environmentally friendly. The vehicles are also SABS approved for South African roads.

The return on investment and the involvement in the business will be mutually decided upon by the parties involved.