As interest in the solar energy market in South Africa continually grows, a study into the viability of a polysilicon plant is required to determine the feasibility of establishing a manufacturing facility in South Africa. Polysilicon is the key component in the manufacturing of solar panels. It has been noted that South Africa’s solar photovoltaic market has been facing a significant challenge owing to shortages and allocations of polysilicon over the past few years.

Based on the average growth of the South African economy, production of power energy is planned to be increased up to 60 000MW in 2017 and doubled up to 80 000MW in 2025, including renewable sources, to meet the growing demand of South African industries, agriculture and social sectors.

Solar power panels will enable local solar power units assembly plants in South Africa to supply private, parastatal enterprises and state organisations
in the framework of South Africa’s renewable energy development programme.

The project is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

Investment required for the project is estimated at between $15-million and $20-million.