ZHUKOVSKY, August 27 (Itar-Tass) – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said international cooperation is a recipe for success of domestic aircraft production.

“To conquer the global market, it’s not enough to meet standards of cutting edge technology; the most important thing is to offer a competitive product, i.e. the product which will sell itself, which is attractive, and which is backed by quality maintenance,” Medvedev said at a session of the international aviation congress on Tuesday.

He noted that firm positions in this business depend on many factors.

“Primarily, it’s international specialization and cooperation, when one project combines advanced R&D developments, optimal technical solutions or best management practices from various countries. We have such examples: the development of the Sukhoi Superjet aircraft in cooperation with the world’s leading producers, whose authority is universally acknowledged,” the prime minister said.

Such cooperation has considerably expedited and simplified international certification procedures.

The Russian United Aircraft Building Corporation and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China have plans for production of a jumbo jet using new composite materials.

Currently, Russia and Austria are engaged in joint helicopter production. “Hopefully, all of the aforementioned products have good market prospects, otherwise, we shouldn’t make them at all,” Medvedev said.