The technical textiles industry has immense potential in the developing countries. Asia is now emerging as a powerhouse of both production as well as end-use consumption of technical textiles. Developing countries like India has great potential to make an impact in this industry. The demand for technical textiles will be boosted by the changing economic scenario in developing countries. India can emerge as a key player in the technical textile industry. The consumption of technical textiles has enormous benefits of cost saving and also social benefits to population at large. India has huge domestic market potential of technical textiles by institutional buyers like MoRTH, Defence, Security, Space & Marine etc. and also has huge export potential.

Sensing the potential of technical textiles, Govt. of India has taken many steps for encouraging investment of technical textiles like Scheme for Growth and Development of Technical Textiles (SGDTT), Technology Mission on Technical Textiles and Scheme for Promoting the Usage of Agrotextiles in NER, Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme etc.

The event aims to provide an opportunity to the Indian Technical Textile Industry to network and interact with stakeholders on several technical and policy issues.

Technotex 2014 conference will focus on chalking out a road map for increasing the consumption and production of the technical textiles. It will also strengthen the association of private industry with institutional buyer such as CISF, Railways, Army, NHAI, Navy, BRO etc and help them understanding institution’s requirements and standards. The conference will also discuss various strategies for promoting investment in technical textile sector and also deliberate on various policy & incentives given by states as well as central governments to strengthen this sector.

Day 1
0900 – 1000 hrs Registration
1000 – 1130 hrs Inaugural Session
1130 – 1200 hrs Inauguration of Exhibition
1200 – 1300 hrs Interactive CEOs Forum with Hon’ble Union Minister of Textile, GoI
(Closed Door meeting by invitation only)
1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch
1330 – 1500 hrs Session I – Accelerating Technical Textile usage and strengthening institutional buying: Defence Institutions
The Defence sector is one of the largest consumers of protective textiles. The Indian Protex segment is expected to grow at a rate of 23% to US$ 967 million by 2016-17 as per estimates of the Ministry of Textiles. This sector is import intensive that accounts for around 60% of the domestic consumption of protective technical textiles. Thus, indigenous production of protective textiles that conform to international standards will further boost the sector and initiate India’s presence as a noteworthy supplier in the global defence industry.   This session will discuss the possible ways of increasing consumption and production of the protective technical textiles and also strengthening the association of manufactures with defence institutions, to better understand the requirements and standards prevalent in the defence sector.
1500 – 1515 hrs Tea Break
1515 – 1645 hrs Session II – Accelerating Technical Textile usage and strengthening institutional buying: Medical, Police & Security Institutions
India’s Meditex segment is expected to grow at a rate of 20% to US$ 1,039 Million by 2016-17, as per estimates of the Ministry of Textiles. Government policies aimed at increasing access to quality healthcare will have a positive impact on the demand for medical textiles. This session will focus on the medical technical textile requirements of the healthcare police and security institutions which shall include discussion on quality, standards and other specifications required for fulfilling the institution criteria.
Day 2
09:30-10:00 Hrs Session III – Strategies for Promoting Investment in Technical Textile Sector
Even though the textile industry has acknowledging the immense potential inherent in technical textiles industry, the sector has not flourished as that of developed economies. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of awareness on the value of technical textiles among stakeholders. This session shall witness deliberations on the various strategies for promoting investments in the technical textile sector as well as discussions on various policies & incentives to strengthen this sector provided by various states as well as the central governments.
1130 – 1145 hrs Tea Break
1145 – 1315 hrs Session IV – Accelerating Technical Textile usage and strengthening institutional buying: Rail & Road Institutions
The Indian Geotex segment is expected to grow at a rate of 22% to US$ 201 Million by 2016-17 as per estimates of the Ministry of Textiles.The consumption of Geotex products is mainly driven by investments in the Infrastructure sector. Continued thrust on infrastructure development in India promises prosperous growth for this segment. In developed economies, Geotex products have provided not only economic advantages but also environmental benefits. Despite the tangible benefits, the consumption of geotextiles in India is still very low. The aim of the session will be to discuss the possible ways to increase the consumption of Geotex products and to strengthen the association of manufacturers with rail and road institutions to understand their specific requirements.
1315 – 1415 hrs Lunch
1415 – 1545 hrs Session V – Accelerating Technical Textile usage and strengthening institutional buying: Agriculture & Sports Institutions
As per estimates by the Ministry of Textiles, the Indian Agrotex&Sportex segments are expected to grow at a rate of 20% to US$ 340 million & 17% to US$ 622 million respectively by 2016-17. In this session, the possible ways of the increasing consumption of the Agrotex&Sportex products shall be deliberated upon. This session will also focus on strengthening the association of manufacturers with agriculture and sports institutions by understanding their specific requirement and standards.
Participation Fees

Rs. 4000 / per delegate (Inclusive of taxes)

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