image005 CEO, “Rostec” corporation

  Born on August, 20, 1952 in Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk Oblast EDUCATION Graduated from Irkutsk Institute of National Economy with distinction in 1975, also completed the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation military academy higher education courses.     PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES  

1979 – 1988  Research-Industrial Association ‘Luch’.
1983 – 1988  Head of the ‘Luch’ Association representative office in East Germany.
1986 – 1996  Deputy CEO of the Foreign Trade Association ‘Sovintersport’.
1996 – 1999 Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Relations of the Office for Presidential Affairs. 
1999 – 2001 CEO of ‘Promexport’. 
2001 – 2004 First deputy CEO of ‘Rosoboronexport’. 
2004 – 2007 CEO of ‘Rosoboronexport’. 
2007 – present CEO of the ‘Rostec’ corporation.

  After taking the lead of ‘Rostec’ Mr Chemezov stated his main goal as the promotion of Russian industry sector, including MIC (military-industrial complex). “It can be achieved by making corporation members world-class competitive companies. So it’s essential that we do a retooling, take steps in financial recovery of the companies and efficient management organization, expand scientific activities and carry out prospective projects, develop innovative products and attract Russian and foreign investments into the industry sector, including MIC.” Mr Chemezov is also the chairman of the boards of directors of some major industrial companies, such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, VSMPO-AVISMA, ‘Oboronprom’, ‘Rosoboronexport’ and a member of the boards of directors of UAC, USC, ‘Rusnano’, ‘Aeroflot’, ‘Norilsk Nickel’, the chairman of ‘Engineering workers guild’ and a member of the Military-Technical Cooperation Board of Russia regarding foreign states.

  ROSTEC STATE CORPORATION PROFILE   Rostec corporation was established in 2007 for civil, military and dual-purpose high-technology industrial production development, manufacture and exportation promotion. Activity of the corporation inter alia comprises technological modernization, Russian science and professional resource development, providing social stability and living standards improving. The corporation comprises 663 organizations that are currently part of 13 holding companies, eight of which operate in the military–industrial complex, and five in civilian sectors. Considering manufacturing policy implementation aiming to industry sector modernization on the one hand and to providing investment attractiveness and accommodation the interests of management and corporation employees on the other, Rostec conceived its aims for 2020, which may be divided into: –      commercial aims, which are expressed in establishing leadership in high technology machine-building market, enhancement of business value and capitalization increase of the ventures; –      special aims, which consist in manufacturing top-quality weapon and military equipment surpassing world analogues leading to retention and consolidation of the RF positions in international market of weapon and military equipment.   The collision of commercial and special aims requires differentiated approach to value determination of the performance targets for different venture groups taking their specification into account. Non-capitalizable enterprises of the defence-industry complex are to focus mostly on the achievement of special objectives. Companies manufacturing dual-purpose production are to balance commercial and special purposes. Commercial ventures are to centre entirely on commercial targets. The overall purpose of Rostec is creating world-class industry corporations on the basis of the obtained assets. Proceeding from the afore-named most appropriate target business model for the Rostec corporation is Corporation of Development (innovative corporation). Firstly it presupposes commercial and special aims balancing; secondly, value centre of the corporation of development is rather capitalizable subsidiary ventures, than corporate centre. Thirdly, international practice shows that number of business-units (subsidiary companies) in the portfolio of the corporation of development might vary from several dozens to some hundreds Thus, Rostec becomes the core of world-class strategically focused industry corporations ‘bringing up’. The Rostec strategy of development for 2020 was masterminded to achieve this goal.   Rostec is to provide the strategic focus reinforcement in new markets for the competitive growth of the holding companies. Production portfolio will be diversified by the aspects with the highest growth dynamics and quality demanded, such as: –      medical equipment and pharmaceuticals industry; –      biotechnologies; –      machines and equipment for key economy sectors; –      energy and resource saving equipment; –      telecommunication equipment; –      advanced and especially composite materials.   The corporation is also to reinforce the position of the holdings in their standard market sectors, expand the presence in foreign market and lower the dependence on monopoly customers. Market presence extension is to be conducted by holdings’ exportation volume growth. Three quarters of the growth is to be provided by: –      machine-building; –      conventional arms; –      helicopter-building; –      engine-building; –      construction.   In order to recover the holding competitiveness the diversification of the dual-purpose technologies and part of the military manufactures into civil production is required. This allows entering more competitive and less politicized markets, than government defence procurement and military-technical cooperation ones.   For further information please visit