Chicken Xpress is passionate about building a truly African brand, something by Africans for Africans.

Franchise Investor Model

The Chicken Xpress franchise model for investors offers an easy way to take advantage of the franchise model and its great returns.

Chicken Xpress have taken the decision to expand on their ‘no-frills, no-fuss, keeping it simple’ approach to franchising, by managing the entire store operational procedures on a day-to-day basis, whilst ensuring a fantastic return on investment!

For over 3 years now Chicken Xpress has been linking the nation’s most loved product, fried chicken, with the need for smaller, more accessible stores to the primary demographic of the nation.

The company is now linking this fantastic model to an investor base in order to grow the brand through a strong roll-out plan, while ensuring that the basics are done to their world-class standards.

This model will provide the investor with the knowledge that the stores are being run to optimal standards, as well as provide Chicken Xpress Head Office the ability to act on taking prime sites that often get lost in the franchisee sign-up process.

Chicken Xpress started as a low-cost franchise, seeing the need to enforce an effective business model as larger brands eat away at bottom-line profits through exorbitant fees. It has now grown into a strong fried chicken offering which can translate across the LSM (Living Standard Measures) brackets of Africa.

‘Along with our standard low, fixed monthly all-inclusive franchise fee which is far below the industry standard of 8-12%; we have set a very reasonable management fee, providing potential investors peace of mind that their stores / investments are being looked after by the best possible people!’

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Below are the basic Terms of Agreement for the Chicken Xpress (CX) Investor Opportunity:

  • The store build cost will be paid for on a store-by-store deal, as Chicken Xpress Head Office receives appropriate sites
  • Capital for 3 stores (R1.5-million) needs to be available at all times in a nominated trust account
  • Store Deposits will be paid on signature of Disclosure Document to Chicken Xpress Head Office (R100 000 per store, eg R1-million on 10 store deal)
  • CX will be the beneficiary, and the investor will be the trustees
  • Once letter of intent has been sent pertaining to a suitable site, funds to be released for store build within 48 hours
  • Five year agreement from Date of Signature, thereafter renewable for a further 5 years
  • Full operational rights to be held by CX in order to manage operational requirements tightly
  • Monthly Management Accounts to be made available to investors
  • Full Quarterly Reviews to be prepared by CX
  • Initial Investment from R3 000 000
  • ROI 30-85%
  • Pure Investment Model
  • Full transparency

This opportunity is available to a limited number of investors only.