Midwestern Brazil’s Goiás state government has earmarked more than 500mn reais (US$211mn) to ensure potable water coverage to some 3mn residents in Brasília, state water utility Saneago president Júlio Vaz told BNamericas.

“Falling under the country’s growth acceleration plan PAC, with funds coming from state and federal governments as well as from Saneago, phase one works involve 148mn reais in investment for the state’s Corumbá water supply system. Federal district water utility Caesb is providing an additional 120mn reais,” Vaz said.

Furthermore, basic plans are currently underway for phase two works which contemplate some 260mn reais in investment, according to the executive.

While 80% of the population in the region receives potable water today, the company’s goal is achieve 95% coverage within three years and universal coverage shortly thereafter.

The initiative is part of the federal government’s overall goal to provide universal water and sewage system access throughout the federal district. Currently, Caesb is working with construction association Sinduscon-DF and builders association Asbraco to map out a plan.

To date, the federal district has 99% water supply coverage and 82% sewerage service coverage.

For more on Saneago’s investment plans, read the full interview with Júlio Vaz in this week’s Water & Waste Perspectives, for subscribers only.