Capricorn DM is looking for an investment partner in order to set up a small-scale goat farming project in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Goat meat is promoted as a healthy meat in the major retail stores in South Africa. The majority of livestock in Capricorn DM are goats (44%) of which 98% are produced on communal level.

Competitive advantage

– Indigenous goats are abundant in Lepelle-Nkumpi and an ideal option for meat production.
– The operation of a goat farming project requires a low level of skill. Such a project is a labour intensive procedure which entails the training and employment of a large number of local community members.
– Lepelle-Nkumpi LM has numerous subsistence goat farms in the area, of which a number of goats are currently not being processed. These goats could serve as the supply for a goat farming project.
– Currently no direct competitors that produce goat farming products exist in the municipality and district.
– Lepelle-Nkumpi LM has a warm, semi-arid condition, which are conducive to goat farming.

‚ÄčA goat farm will have the following potential economic impacts:

– An increase in employment opportunities
– Promote entrepreneurship
– Curb poverty
– Income generation
– Skills training
– Improved food security
– Upliftment of impoverished rural communities

Investment requirements

The preliminary operational expenditure for a goat farm amounts to approximately R42 000, which include feed expenses, veterinary expenses, maintenance, overheads, capital improvements and marketing.