Fintech is offering their equipment financing solutions to companies looking to purchase, upgrade or replace equipment.

Fintech provides an alternative purchasing solution to earmarking large sums of capital expenditures (CAPEX) for equipment purchases. These solutions instead allow clients to enjoy planned monthly payments from their operating expenses (OPEX) budget, which results in a greatly freed up cash flow.

Benefits to companies

Fintech collaborates with suppliers of business equipment and assets, providing them with a finance tool they are able to offer their own customers. Being able to offer a finance package rather than cash-only payment means suppliers are able to look to securing increased sales.

Suppliers enjoy the committed service of a dedicated Fintech representative to take care of all administration leaving them to focus on securing new sales. These solutions let suppliers add value to their business equipment offering, growing customer loyalty and developing a mutually beneficial partnership.

Specialist equipment

Fintech’s services are available for equipment that is ancillary to a company’s main business activities. These include equipment supplier companies specialising in

– Conveyor belts, escalators and similar equipment
– Airport scanners and other scanning technology
– Broadcasting equipment
– Forklifts and other high-reaching equipment
– Medical and laboratory equipment
– Small earthmoving and other specialised equipment
– Pumps
– Office furniture and equipment
– HVac, energy efficient and other green equipment

A requirement to Fintech’s financing solutions are that the company needs to offer service and maintenance contracts as part of their offering to ensure the equipment stays in working order.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Fintech’s offering, you are encouraged to respond to this opportunity.