Foreign Companies are becoming increasingly interested in cooperation with Russia’s oil pipeline company Transneft despite western sanctions against the country, Transneft Vice President Mikhail Margelov told Sputnik on sidelines of the IHS Energy CERAWeek conference in Houston, Texas.

“In my opinion, the interest has increased,” Margelov said Tuesday, when asked if foreign companies take any interest in cooperation amid anti-Russian sanction.

“The interest is growing. Judging by the meetings we have here, Brazilians are interested, Mexicans are interested. Companies that didn’t use to cooperate with us now are interested,” he added.

Margelov specified that Transneft receives most inquiries about the company’s smart pigging technologies and scientific capabilities.

“We have a lot of bilateral meetings this week, we have met the leaders of Petrobras and Chevron, and we have scheduled a meeting with Eni and Pemex,” Margelov added.

Starting in 2014, the European Union, the United States and their allies have imposed a series of economic sanctions targeting key Russian sectors as well as a number of individuals and entities.

The West blames Moscow for fuelling the conflict in southeastern Ukraine and views Crimea’s incorporation into Russia as a breach of international law.

Houston is currently hosting the 35th annual CERAWeek energy conference, which brought together thousands of energy experts to discuss the plunging oil prices.