MOSCOW, April 21 (RIA Novosti) – Russian stocks and the ruble may slide moderately downward Monday due to ongoing tensions in Ukraine following a rally Friday.

The bear trend may also prevail due to investor fears that agreements reached in Geneva last week may be short-lived.

During the four-party talks, senior Russian, Ukrainian, US and EU diplomats agreed on steps to defuse the months-long political crisis in Ukraine.

Falling oil prices could exercise downward pressure on the ruble, too. If no sufficient drivers appear, the ruble could test the levels of 36 to the dollar and 49.5 to the euro.

On global markets, Monday is expected to be calm, as European stock exchanges remain closed during the Easter holidays. Trading resumes Monday evening on US markets.

During the coming week, US-based companies Apple, Facebook, McDonalds, and Ford will publish earnings reports. In addition, this week provisional business indexes in industrial and service sectors are to be published in the US, Europe and China.