NEW DELHI: Sustainable food security will not a problem if scarce resources like water and energy are managed well,Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia said today.

“The essence of whole concept of sustainability is how you handle things ….So, in my view energy and water are scarce resources. If we can handle energy and water problems, food security is not a problem,” he said in his address at Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, 2014, organised by The Energy and Resources Institute ( Teri).

“Globally, the important point that I am making is that I don’t believe that food security is the problem in the same way as water and energy are problems,” he added.

In India energy is needed get to higher level of per capita income, he said.

He also identified distribution as a major issue in the energy sector.

India needs to harness the potential of other sources of energy such as wind, hydro, solar and nuclear, he added.

Stating that import dependence on energy needs is at high level, he said India can reduce the import dependency either by saving on energy demand by being more energy efficient or by increasing domestic supply.

“For sustainability point, it’s also relevant what kind of energy are we using. I think here, in terms of global sustainability, ways of increasing energy security that would be consistent with sustainability are nuclear, solar, wind and hydro.”

He also said rational water policy is needed in India. India can’t price water because of political reasons but it must be rationalised, he added.