Are you always pinging and sending frivolous instant messages to while away your idle time? If yes, here is an opportunity for you to spend the same time for gainful purposes using social media and instant messaging platforms to get employment and grow your business.

An information communication technology (ICT) firm, Cornerstone Business Limited, said it has developed software called Victory 100.that allows small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) to use social media platform to enhance growth and business expansion.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Rev Lawrence Awolade, who unveiled the software in Lagos over the weekend, described it as a seamless digital marketing social media business system that allows the user to post and manage all their social media from one site.

According to him, it could take hours every day to post on the variety of major social media sites available and more time to manage them, answering questions and trying to get customers to buy your product, adding that the cost and time spent on finding a way to capture the names and emails of interested people, building a relationship with them through emails and newsletters and contacting them with personalised specials and time sensitive offers can be overwhelming.

“We harness the power of social media, take the mystery out of social media marketing, delivering an easy to use automated system that even beginners can understand and use. Manage your social media across multiple platforms, monitor brand mentions, and quickly publish content within a single dashboard,” he said, adding that the email platform built into Victory100 allows the user send personalised emails to all prospects when there is something special to promote or an announcement of  new products or services at a cost of $25 per month.

Awolade said Victory100 has an integrated lead capture system to gather the names and email addresses of interested visitors to user’s posts and an auto responder to send them a series of targeted emails that help develop a strong relationship with customers.

He said the V-Success solution is like a health club for the users’ mind and vital to wealth creation efforts, adding that it is designed to take business and personal life to a new level using audio and video archive that will provide motivation, inspiration, leadership and success training.

He added that the V-Success programme gives the user ongoing advanced training on sales, leadership, personal growth and advanced internet principles to help assures success in business venture.

On the job creation aspect of the software, he said it works like a marketing network where if a users bring in another user, that user takes the $25 paid while the firm takes the next payment of $25, adding that the chain could go on and on like that.

According to him, the scheme has recorded a resounding success in South Africa where it unveiled before Nigeria. He is optimistic that with the population strength of the country and growing penetration of mobile phones, the future of broadband services remains wireless, adding that the transformation of the economy will be phenomenal when internet penetration is further deepened.

Keith Hardling, who spoke through a Google hangout during the unveiling of the software said all knots had been tidied up with owners of the social media platforms, arguing that there was no basis to fear about patenting. He added that a concrete agreement had been put in place to ensure that the scheme succeeded the way it did in South Africa.