Russian coal export over the Atlantic Ocean should go solely through Russian ports by 2030, says the long-term forecast of the coal industry’s development till 2030 released by the Ministry of Energy.

Currently, Russian ports transit a measly 55 percent of the total Russian coal export via the Atlantic. In 2013 Russian producers exported 70 million tonnes of coal in this direction, with 38 million tonnes out of this amount shipped through Russian ports, and the rest – through ports on the Baltic Sea and in Ukraine.

By 2020 Russian ports will ship more than 72 percent of exported coal in this direction, 2.8 percent in absolute terms. By 2030 Russia is to boost coal production 7.1 percent to 75 million tonnes as compared to 2013.

As for the Pacific, coal export here is planned to double to 102 million tonnes by 2020 and increase 2.23 times to 110 million tonnes by 2030.