The term “personal postal articles” means the inward/outward parcels, small packages and printed products delivered by mail. Senders shall go to Customs transaction organization stationed in the post office or to the post office with the business of exchanging international mail matters for procedures.
Inward/outward personal postal articles shall be limited to reasonable quantities for personal use. Individual’s articles mailed from or to Hong Kong and Macao shall be limited to the value of RBM 800 and duty-free allowances of RMB 400 at one time. Individual’s articles mailed from or to other areas except the above two, shall be limited to the value of RMB 1000 and duty-free allowances of RMB 500 at one time. Customs shall levy import duties on the portion of articles whose value exceeds the above-mentioned duty-free limit.
While sending articles inward/outward by post, the following details shall be paid attention to:
1. Articles which the government has announced as products prohibited from importation and exportation, including the currencies and the documents, data and other articles involved national confidential.
2. Articles restricted from importation and exportation shall be sent inward/outward by post with the instrument of ratification authorized by the related competent authorities of the country. The animals, plants, and animal-made or plant-made products shall be posted outward with “Export Allowance Certificate” approved and issued by the State Import and Export Administration of the Endangered and Precious Rare Species. Valuable cultural relics shall be mailed outward by individuals with “Export Certificate for Cultural Relics” approved and issued by Committee of Cultural Relics Administration and the red wax sealed on the relics.