© AP Photo/ Desmond Boylan
© AP Photo/ Desmond Boylan


India’s Goa, one of the most popular destinations for Russian vacationers, has been excluded from the list of places Russia considers as safe.

Among the possible reasons were local security incidents, including clashes between tourists and local residents.

In 2013, nearly 250,000 Russian tourists visited Goa, which accounted for nearly 50 percent of all foreign tourists visiting the resort.

The measure followed the blacklisting of Egypt and Turkey, the most popular travel destinations for Russian tourists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin banned all flights to Egypt after a Russian A321 passenger airliner crashed in Sinai on October 31.

On Saturday, Russia banned travelling to Turkey in response to the downing of a Russian bomber by a Turkish jet in Syria.

The decision on Goa, as the government explained, was made not due to a terrorism threat but due to a range of factors including local security issues and rising costs of holidaying in Goa.

With the devaluation of the ruble, the number of Russian tourists arriving in Goa has halved, according to the Russian information center in Goa.
Destinations that are now considered by the Russian government to replace Egypt and Turkey include China, Cuba and Vietnam.